How to get started with Net Penny Stocks

Click the Net Penny Stocks Banner at the top of this page, or the link in the home page, then a the site, click "Free Sign-Up". when creating your registration profile, use you Paypal or Alertpay Email Address, and write down all your registration info. If asked to confirm your email, which I doubt, but then do so. After logging in, click on the yellow "Invest Now" button near the top, then you will see a green "Add Funds" button. Click there.

You will see funding options, one being for Alertpay, and another for Paypal and others. If paying through Alertpay, enter your desired deposit amount, recommended $1.95 or greater (may run into problems with any amount lower).

For Paypal and other Payment processors, select the "Free Credits" option. You will be taken to an online store with quality ebooks and software, all with resell rights, either useful for you or for selling for quick profits. Your Net Penny Stocks account will be funded free with credits upon purchase of any of the items.

You are required to click the yellow "Return to Merchant" button, and on the page after, you MUST click the download link before navigating to any other page as you will NOT see it again.

After the Purchase, go back to the page with the funding options and click "Update My Account". You MUST click this button or you will NOT be able to invest.

Click the yellow "Invest Now" Button on your dashboard and invest.

If you have enough funds in your My Wallet, you will see another "Invest Now" button and you can invest in the stocks, and if it is lower than $1.95, you will see the green "Add Funds" button.

Net Penny Stocks also has a referral program, with which your account will be credited funds on each stocks your referrals invest in. Your dashboard will show a gray "affiliate" buttons. Click there to get your referral URLs.

Cashing Out: Click the drop-down button  at the top right hand corner, select "Cashout/Withdraw" and enter your desired amount. It must be greater than $1.25.

Rinse And Repeat!